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Here are some common questions our amazing customers often ask:


Q: How Long Does Shipping Take?

A: Usually between 7 - 10 Business Days from dispatch. If you have not received your order after 10 business days from when you received your order confirmation email, please contact us at contact@monkeygrip.co


Q: How Much Weight Can Monkey Grip Hold?

A: Tests have shown that a 7cm or 3 Inch strip of Monkey Grip can safely hold 1KG or 2.2LB on a clean smooth wall or surface. 


Q: What surfaces can i use Monkey Grip on?

A: Monkey Grip will work well on any surface that is smooth and dry. Avoid surfaces that may be porous or are not smooth, as Monkey Grip will either have issues sticking to the particles on the wall, rather than the wall or will not have enough surface area to create a reliable bind.

As a rule of thumb, always give you walls or surfaces and the object you want to stick, a good wipe down and dry before using Monkey Grip. That way you are removing any dust particles that may be present.


Q: Why do i need to clean my walls, surfaces and objects before using Monkey Grip?

A: As with the physics of any adhesive, Monkey Grip will 'grip' to the first particles it touches. On an uncleaned wall, that will be dirt, dust, grease or grime first. That means that most of the Monkey Grip will not be sticking to the wall, but rather the particles that make up the dirt, dust, grease or grime on the wall. So be sure to give your wall a wipe down before using Monkey Grip.

The same occurs in your objects! Especially with remotes and other objects touched daily. A remote is prone to grease and oils from our skin, which in turn it's particles will bond to Monkey Grip before Monkey Grip bonds to the controller. Please always make sure to clean any surface and object before placing it on Monkey Grip. Make sure your wall has been cleaned and dried to remove any excess dirt, dust grease or grime. Also, make sure your objects are also washed as well, to remove any dirt, dust, grease or grime. An alcohol, wipe works great!

So always make sure to give your object and wall a good wipe before use. Making sure your walls and objects are clean and dry will ensure that Monkey Grip 'grips' to your wall and objects strong and reliably and doesn't 'grip' to the dirt, dust, grease or grime particles instead.


Q: When should i wash my Monkey Grip? 

A: Monkey Grip itself needs to be washed every now and then to keep its strength. It is best to give Monkey Grip a wash under warm water each time it is removed from a wall or surface. Just wash under warm water, massage off the dirt and dust and leave to air dry. Then, once dry, it will be just like new!


Q: My Monkey Grip is not working as advertised? What should i do? 

A: If your Monkey Grip is not sticking or holding objects well, there are many factors to look at first. You need to address the first issue, is your wall or surface friendly to Monkey Grip? If it is smooth and clean, like a painted wall, plaster wall, plastic, tiles, glass or anything that is smooth and clean, then you should be ok. 

The next factor you need to then consider is, are your walls and surfaces clean? This isn't to say you aren't taking care of your home! But we often overlook how dusty and dirty our walls can get! All you need to do to combat this is to give your wall or surface a quick wipe down on the area you want to use Monkey Grip, to remove any dirt or dust. Then just make sure it is dry before using Monkey Grip. 

If you are still having issues, consider if your walls, surfaces or objects may be greasy or oily. Cooking surfaces, some wood furniture, TV and Entertainment remotes, car dashboards and other surfaces can have years of grease and oil build up which will make it very hard for Monkey Grip to bond to the surface. If this is the case, we recommend you wipe these surfaces with an alcohol wipe to remove any oils or grease. 

The next factor to look at is weight and the amount of Monkey Grip needed. While we have tested that a 7cm or 3 Inch strip of Monkey Grip can safely hold 1KG or 2.2LB on a clean smooth wall or surface, sometimes, you just need to either use more Monkey Grip, there is a whole 5m (16.5Ft) of it after all, so go nuts! Or, the item you are trying to stick is simply too heavy for the surface or Monkey Grip. 

Finally, if you have addressed all of these, then please feel free to contact us at contact@monkeygrip.co and we will do our best to solve your issue.


Q: How Many Times Can I Re-Use Monkey Grip? 

A: Monkey grip can be used, washed and reused over 2,000 times before seeing any reduction of strength. To keep Monkey Grip strong, just make sure to wash it under warm water and massage any durt or dust off. Then leave to air dry. Once dry, it will be just like new! 


Q: How Long Will Monkey Grip Last Once Stuck? 

A: Monkey Grip, if used in the recommend environments and within its weight thresholds, will stay stuck until you remove it. 


Q: Is Monkey Grip Harmful and Full of Bad Chemicals?

A: No. Monkey Grip is 100% Non-Toxic, FDA Approved. 


Q: How Far Can the Food Guard Lid Stretch? 

A: The Food Guard Lid can stretch 2 - 3 times it's normal size. However we do not recommend using it on a plate, bowl or container larger than 36cm or 14 Inches as this may add excess stress to the Food Guard lid which may make it more susceptible to tears and breaking.  


Q: I Want To Sell Monkey Grip, How Can I Do That? 

A: Here at Monkey Grip we are always looking for new partners to help expand our great network! We would love to work with you and will be happy to offer you great wholesale rates! Just go to our 'Wholesale Partners' tab for more information! 


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